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Our Team

Niazi HelouName: Niazi Helou


Age: 37

Cars are in Niazi’s blood and from the age of five his only ambition was to become a mechanic. Niazi studied at the University of Sydney and later at Sydney Tafe, where he completed an Engineering Diploma. He has extensive knowledge of all Subaru makes and re-manufacturing processes. He specialises in business management and the reconditioning of Subaru Gearboxes and Transmissions.

Nick MashkivskyyName: Nick Mashkivskyy

Position: Senior Mechanic

Age: 41

Nick joined All Drive Subaroo after leaving Subaru where he held the position of head mechanic. With over 16 years’ experience in the motor trade, he brings extensive knowledge of Subaru faults and repairs. He is currently the head mechanic at All Drive Subaroo and he uses his knowledge to bring you the best possible service.

Robert MastroianniName: Robert Mastroianni

Position: Administration

Age: 45

Rob has 27 years’ experience as a motor mechanic, and is an automotive transmission specialist. Rob was an automotive teacher at Tafe NSW, teaching Automatic transmissions and is very good at communicating technical ideas to lay people. Rob mans the phones at ADS and is the bright cheerful voice you first encounter when you call us. There isn’t much Rob doesn’t know about transmissions.

Gary NobregaName: Gary Nobrega

Position: Quality Control

Age: 30

Gary is a fully qualified mechanic with 14 years’ experience in the motor trade, and a total of 5 years specialising in Subaru vehicles. Gary has a great eye for detail and (like everyone on the ADS team) is a perfectionist, which is why he is our Quality Control and Delivery specialist. Gary’s goal is to make sure all repairs and servicing on your car are completed to the highest possible standard.

Gabriel PeruginiName: Gabriel Perugini

Position: Apprentice

Age: 17

Gabriel is near the end of his apprenticeship with All Drive Subaroo and will soon be a fully qualified mechanic. In his time with us he has gained extensive knowledge of Subaru vehicles and is looking forward to gaining more knowledge in the diagnostics area of Subaru servicing.

Jorge MoraName: Jorge Mora

Position: Mechanical Engineer

Age: 25

Jorge has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been working at All Drive Subaroo for the last three years in Research and Development. Jorge also handles the tedious and stressful inventory of parts and stock organization, and oversees parts that are installed on vehicles.

VeeName: Vee

Position: Usher

Age: 7

Vee is our beloved Usher and Traffic Controller at ADS, so when you see Vee give her a pat and say Hi ;)