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Subaru Gearbox Second Hand vs Re-Manufactured

Second Hand Subaru Gearboxs warning!

  • Second hand gearboxs normally come from wrecked or accident damaged vehicles.
  • The condition of these gearboxs is uncertain and they may not be good value for money.
  • Possible additional hidden costs are hidden within warranty conditions excluding such items as front seals, timing belts and water pumps.
  • Most second hand warranty claims result in poor outcomes.
  • Service history is usually unknown as most wrecked vehicles are offered without consulting the previous owner.
  • Claimed km’s are not a reliable indicator of an gearbox’s condition, given possible poor service history
  • Subaru gearboxs may all look the same, but they are not. Subtle differences can cause major problems during and after installation.
  • Second hand gearboxs may have corrosion forming within the cylinder head gasket region and the only way to remove this and old cooling system water is to dismantle the gearbox completely (as occurs during reconditioning).
  • Some fuels have corrosive properties. Second hand gearboxs can have abnormal or aggressive wear on cylinder walls and piston rings.
  • Some specific model gearboxs have known inherited problems, such as oil consumption; this cannot be addressed in a second hand gearbox without dismantling and reconditioning.


Re-Manufactured Subaru Gearboxs

Excellent value, great service and support are only a few reasons to use our Subaru Re-Manufactured gearboxs.

  • Each Subaru remanufactured gearbox exceeds OEM manufacturer’s specifications and is supplied with a conditional 24 month or 50,000km warranty.
  • Our re-manufacturing division only uses premium quality generic parts alongside Subaru Genuine Parts.
  • Gearboxs are supplied according to your vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Our R&D team applies counter measures for known inherited issues.
  • Our gearboxs offer superior reliability due to the use of New Gearbox Case, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods and Pistons.
  • No additional hidden costs – you actually know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Very quick turnaround time compared to the repair option.
  • Australia’s largest and most reputable Subaru gearbox re-manufacturing factory.

 Gearbox Value Comparison

Second Hand Gearbox Purchase Value Rate Re-Manufactured Gearbox Purchase Value Rate
Gearbox Value vs Purchase price Misleading 40% Excellent Value, Competitive 100%
Correct gearbox type? Unknown 60% Guaranteed, Every time 100%
Warranty and Support Poor 40% Excellent , Up to 24months or 50,000kms Warranty 100%
Fuel leaks  Unknown 50% Fixed, New Genuine Gaskets and seals 100%
Gearbox Oil leaks Unknown 40% Fixed, Factory Sealing compounds 95%
Internal or External Water leaks Unknown 50% Fixed, Up to 24months or 50,000kms Warranty 100%
Excessive Oil consumption Likley 30% Unlikely, Designed to reduce oil consumption 100%
Worn internal components Unknown 50% No, Fully Re-Manufactured using new genuine Subaru parts 100%
Low Compression Unknown 50% No, Quality control evaluated and guaranteed 100%
Reliability Unknown 50% Excellent, Will outlast the Factory production gearboxs 100%
Accident damaged  Unknown 30% No, Only new gearbox casings are used 100%
Poor Service History Unknown 50% No, Quality control guaranteed 100%
Repaired faulty gearbox Unknown 40% No, Quality control guaranteed 100%

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