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What is a Re-manufactured Gearbox?

There are many terms used in the Automotive Industry to overhaul a Subaru Gearbox, these include;

  • Repaired Subaru Gearbox

This normally means dismantling the gearbox and only repairing what is at fault.

  • Over hauled Subaru Gearbox

This meaning normally refers to dismantling the gearbox and doing a basic replacement of main service parts such as Piston rings and Crankshaft bearings.

  • Reconditioned Subaru Gearbox

This Terminology is commonly misused in context and does not normally reflect the work carried out.

The word reconditioned in Automotive rebuilding terms is to completely refurbish or recycle a second hand/used Subaru Gearbox.  This would normally include renewing all main service parts and resurfacing components such as the Crankshaft, Connecting rods, Cylinder Bores etc.


A Re-manufactured Subaru Gearbox is virtually a brand new gearbox that can be redesigned to improve/eliminate inherited problems found in production released gearboxs.

Our Re-manufacturing process contains 85% brand new Subaru Parts such as;

  • Gearbox Block
  • Crankshaft
  • Connecting Rods
  • Pistons
  • Oil Pump