Standard Upgrade Gearbox



Our 6 Speed Conversion kit is designed to withstand Engine modifications beyond the capabilities of the 5 Speed Subaru gearbox.

Suitable for both road and track use.


Each six-speed gearbox is built to suit specific Subaru options depending on specifications.

For example, vehicles may be equipped with or without;

  • Speedometer Sensors
  • DCCD, Limited Slip Differentials
  • Oil pumps etc.

All supplied Subaru six-speed gearboxes include;

  • A refurbished gearbox housing
  • New or inspected used gears
  • New shifting sliders
  • Synchros
  • Shift rods
  • Bearings and seals

Assembly includes precise measurement of sliding sleeve positions using the Subaru special tool height gauge to determine accurate shift rod offsets.

Each Gearbox is bench tested prior to dispatch.

Differential Options

Standard Differential options are determined based on vehicle specifications. These include:

  • “Suretrac” Plated type limited slip Differential,
  • “Torsen” Gear Type Limited Differential or “4 Pinion” Open Type Differentials.

We can also offer performance upgrades to the front and centre differentials.

These include;

  • Front Differential Assy (Low and Hi response plated Differentials) and increased strength Gear type units.
  • Center Differential Assy (mechanical lock type) and
  • Center Viscous LSD (98Nm (10kgm/50rpm)


  • Built to order normally 5-10 business days.
  • Free delivery Sydney metro.
  • Fitting stations available in most states.


For full terms and conditions please click on link below.

(12 months limited warranty does not cover broken gears).