Strong Turbo Replacement Gearbox Specifications


  • This alternative is an overhauled Version 5 STI Transmission which is factory tried and proven.
  • All gears are new except 5th. There are several 5th gear ratios available and these may be discussed upon job confirmation.
  • Many of the original gearbox internal components such as shift-rods, synchros, bearings, sliders and hubs are replaced with new genuine parts.
  • A complete genuine Subaru gearbox gasket kit is used to ensure the transmission is built to manufacturer’s specifications and the integrity of the gearbox isn’t jeopardised by faulty or worn parts. This gear set has been proven in a number of different applications from street to track, and is more than able to endure hard driving with practiced driver control.

Enthusiasts opt for this transmission if they want to modify their drive line and stay within the manufacturer’s performance division specifications.


This is a commonly chosen option for owners who like to modify their Power Train and stay within the manufacturer’s performance division


  • Refurbished gearbox housing
  • New Subaru gaskets and seals
  • Meticulously detailed fitment of shift fork alignment offset
  • Rally proven
  • New gears from 1-4
  • New bearings and synchro-cones.

Differential Options

The Standard Turbo Gearbox uses the Open type front differential.

Limited Slip and Weighted centre differential up-grades available.


  • Next day dispatch to all states.
  • Exchange units available.
  • Free delivery Sydney metro.
  • Fitting agents available in most states.


For full terms and conditions please click on link below.

(12 months limited warranty does not cover broken gears).

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