The Smarter And Safer Subaru Forester Gearbox

Subaru Forester is in the market since 1997. Its always focused on automotive performance and practicality rather than on vivacity that is present in most of the lineup SUV cars. But this by any stretch does not mean that Subaru only makes unexciting cars. The fourth generation forester car fitted with Subaru gearbox has a lot to amaze you and outperform many of the niche cars. Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • An up market interior that is very comfortable and aesthetically designed
  • More inner space
  • Cleaner than before 2.0 liter engine
  • High performance on dusty and muddy terrains
  • Eye sight twin cameras at the windscreen for driver assistance

Alongside these newly added features, the car still caters the needs of its rural customers who prefer superior vehicle performance rather than style avowal. The reintroduced turbo petrol model with turbo charged engine version is a guarantee of high performance. No wonder, Subaru forester is the most practical niche choice to suit Australian market and lifestyle.

The Drive

World class engineering and purposeful technology is what drives Subaru to stand out in Australia and worldwide. The engine is very powerful, strong and thrifty which is quite remarkable for a family sized car. Forester is mainly designed for the customers who would like to have the power of V6 in a small sized SUV. What makes forester stand different from rest of the rivals is it’s remarkable off road performance with optimum safety features. With wonderful all weather handling, forester is also a nice choice for everyday commuting.


The CVT gearbox provides it enough power and low rpm torque provides effortless passing and smoother drives. There may be some effort for automatic Subaru gearbox Australia lifestyle driving that is deficient of a direct connection between engine speed and wheel speed that is normally present in a manual gearbox Australia suitable cars. To accommodate this, it has an option of intelligent drive with stimulated manual shift. It offers three modes of intelligent, sport sharp and sport. In the sport mode, one can have six stimulated gears while in sport sharp mode, it is eight stimulated gears. The enhanced emission and fuel efficiency, forester also has six preset speeds with continuously variable transmission.


With highest accelerative capabilities, forester is the fastest Subaru. The traction control system offers limited-slip differential for maximum safety. And of course, the eyesight technology with twin cameras adds to the safety. The automatic stopping and collision warning is an added advantage to provide secured drives for the whole family.

Besides a lot of competition in Australia, forester consistently is the right choice for performance and ability if you need top class off road performance and ample of space for your family.